2014 – the plan

To distract myself from the impending woe that is having to go back to work tomorrow (sadface, I has it), I thought it was time to pull together some sort of plan for my sewing this year. Guidelines only of course, because I like to rebel against my own rules if at all possible.

2013 sketches
The to-do list for winter 2013

(This was last winter’s plan. As I made about half of it, I’ll call it a win.)

Sooooo, the plan:

Basics, basics, basics!
There’s a list of basic wardrobe items that would make life much easier that for whatever reason I’ve never got around to making. Things like a pencil skirt, tank top and t-shirt in black. A wool blazer and some non-daggy pajamas. As many Archers as possible. Then more Archers.

Casual clothes
Once I started sewing seriously I pretty much stopped buying clothes, and my casual wardrobe has suffered, especially for summer. My two Moss skirts are in constant rotation so I definitely need more of those, as well as some shorts. Even more Archers! A casual cardigan or jacket and some not-so-dressy dresses.

Attack the stash of doom!
Realistically, a fabric buying ban is going to last about a week and just lead to guilt (at least for a second), but storage is becoming an issue. The plan right now is to at least sew up more than I buy, and stick to my fabric budget. We’ll see how it goes!

Sewing for the Mister
If I insist on constantly dragging him fabric shopping, he should at least see some benefit. At least there are some better options around now we have Thread Theory.

Sewing something frivolous
Just because, even though I have absolutely nowhere to wear it, I want to make a special dress. Something elaborate or made of something luxurious. Something decadent!

Unfinished projects
There are way too many of these clogging up my sewing area. Just finish them already!

Well, I’ve written it down – let’s see how I do! What are your ‘guidelines’ for this year?

2014 – the plan