Something special

Photo by Joe Ruckli

Sorry for the radio silence guys. Life, you know. It’s going to be a little while yet until things return to normal.

But hey – in the meantime I have something pretty special to show you. Recently, a lovely friend of mine got married. A combination of circumstances including an international job offer meant this wedding needed to come together super quickly, and wedding dress shops apparently don’t do quick. Long story short, I volunteered to make a wedding dress in three weeks (eek!). I was simultaneously terrified and incredibly honoured that I was trusted with this very special job. Deep breathing exercises were required!

My friend N wanted something very simple and elegant, tea-length and classic. Thank goodness for Pinterest! We only had time for the quickest of muslins (tried on in lunchtimes in work bathrooms, which involved a lot of strange conversations with our colleagues!) before all systems were go.

Luckily, timing coincided with The Fabric Store’s 50% off sale which gave us a lot more freedom that we would have had otherwise. We settled on the most amazing silk tissue shot through with gold threads – it was so fine and at the same time incredibly lofty – it just floated and draped beautifully. Underneath, I used a champagne silk to tone down the white, and a white silk twill to line it. The bodice is adapted from New Look 6143 with the neck scooped out and a fair amount of ease taken out of the sleeves, and was underlined with silk organza to give it structure. The skirt was 6 circle skirts gathered to fit so we had lots and lots of fullness, and something like 14 metres of hemming per layer (let me take a small moment to thank my rolled hem foot and silk thread, because I wouldn’t have survived it without them).

Photo by Joe Ruckli

I am so, so happy with how it turned out. I’ve never taken such care on a project before and I think it paid off: either N is a super fantastic liar or she was really happy. Not sure I would do this kind of thing on a regular basis (I have incredible respect for those who do) but it was such a good challenge.

Now, I should probably just shut up and show you the rest of the photos right? They are AMAZING and if you are in Brisbane and need a super-awesome event photographer let me recommend Joe Ruckli. He is just the best.

Alright! Here they are:

Photo by Joe Ruckli

Photo by Joe Ruckli

Photo by Joe Ruckli

Photo by Joe Ruckli


Photo by Joe Ruckli

The deets:

  • Fabric: Silk tissue (apps 6m), champagne silk (5m) and silk twill (1m) from The Fabric Store
  • Silk organza underlining from Sew Squirrel
  • Dress based on New Look 6143 with circle skirt
  • Shoes are Wittner and I have deep regret I didn’t buy a pair for myself too.

– Photos by Joe Ruckli and beautiful backdrop courtesy of Montville, Queensland.

Thanks N & J for letting me put this on the internet! XOXO

Photo by Joe Ruckli

Something special

18 thoughts on “Something special

  1. Oh my, that fabric! And doesn’t your friend just look gorgeous in that hue… I’m totally swooning over how wonderfully that fabric drapes for the skirt – divine. And go you – that time frame and that weight of expectation! I would never have managed. What an achievement!

  2. Wow Amy, it’s gorgeous. The photos really show how swishy the fabric is. How great your friend has you to dive in and make such a gorgeous dress. Well done you!!

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