A feathery Meissa

Perhaps there is some sort of sewing collective consciousness? How else to explain that the lovely Amy from Sew Amy Sew beat me to posting her fantastic Liberty Meissa blouse by just a few days? I feel like such a copycat now, but as the weekend was full of Mother’s Day celebrations and Eurovision (magnificent Conchita!) I haven’t had a chance to photograph anything else. Such is life and all that.

Feather Meissa – Apr 2014

What to say? This was one of those impulse sewing things – I had a hankering to make a shirt and I wasn’t sure this feathery Liberty print was quite suited to a Grainline Archer. I’m not entirely comfortable wearing large scale prints like this, and I thought the extra detailing in Papercut’s Meissa blouse might help stop it from wearing me (as opposed to the other way around), and besides, I was feeling bad that I hadn’t sewn up anything by Papercut yet.

Feather Meissa – Apr 2014

To help moderate the print even more, I took inspiration from something I have been itching to do since I saw something similar on my husband’s shirts (which I was reminded of because of Lauren’s equally lovely version), and used grosgrain ribbon as a detail behind the buttons and in the cuffs. I would have run it around the inside of the collar stand as well except I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to wrangle the curve at the end. I also topstitched in navy but you can’t really see it at all (oh well).

I made an XS and I’m pretty happy with the fit. As others who’ve made it attest, it has a special type of sleeve placket situation happening that makes it virtually impossible to scrunch up the sleeves, and given I will never wear a shirt without scrunched sleeves, I added in a placket as per the Grainline Archer (I would’ve attempted a tower placket for the first time, but I had barely any scraps left after over-enthusiastically cutting out a Datura from the remains of the fabric). I would recommend doing this BEFORE you set in the sleeves, because if you forget (*ahem*) then it is a massive pain. Massive. And yeah, you have to remember that this will change the size of your cuffs as well. Ask me how I know all this? Let’s just say fixing the sleeves was somewhat of a scramble and involved cursing and sulking.

If I did make it again in another similar fabric (and I take this small moment to attest to how lovely to sew with Liberty is, each and every time) I would make a few changes to the way the gathering sits – as drafted, the gathering I feel starts a little too close to the underarms, so it can look a little funny in fabric that has this kind of ‘body’. It would be an easy fix, just to compact the area the gathering occurs in. In a slinkier fabric, I think you would not have the same problem (and it would look fantastic).

Feather Meissa – Apr 2014

While I’m pretty happy with the look of the final shirt, and I will be making another Meissa, I’m not 100% sold on how well this version fits into my wardrobe. This could just be that the shirt looks too summery for me to judge properly while I get deeper into my winter black and grey fest, so I’m going to put it away for 6 months and see how I feel at the end.


And… I haven’t forgotten the Liebster either – I will respond very soon I promise – just want to give it the attention it deserves!

A feathery Meissa

10 thoughts on “A feathery Meissa

  1. In 6 months if you’re still not sure it fits into your wardrobe, I would kindly take it off your hands 🙂

    I really love it though. The print is great and I love the ribbon accents you used, and you look really cute it in! I’m already thinking of my next chambray button down with red ribbon accents!

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