A floral Chloe

Oops. Didn’t mean to disappear for that long! Life huh…

I have been a busy sewing bee though – just didn’t have any good weather to take photos in (boooooo to fast approaching winter and getting home in the dark). BUT a long weekend and lovely autumn sunshine mean the backlog has been photographed and is blog ready.

Floral Chloe – Apr 2014

Let’s start with the lovely Chloe dress by Victory Patterns. I have no idea why this took me to sew up (it has been out for a long while now surely?) – I had got as far as sticking together and cutting out the pdf pattern but then obviously I got distracted. I know I swore off linen after my pink skirt but this was too pretty to pass up – an impulse counter buy at The Fabric Store’s 50% sale earlier this year. I was intending to do a pencil skirt with it so only got a metre, but there was just enough to squeak out this dress (if I had had more fabric I wouldn’t have had the annoying repeat issue on the back panels that you will see in the photos below).

Floral Chloe – Apr 2014

I love these painterly flowery prints that aren’t quite your traditional style – they seem like a less ‘girly’ way to wear floral. I paired it with a mid-grey linen for the pocket and bindings, and lined the whole thing with some beige cotton/viscose I got when I was feeling responsible (buying linings is SO BORING yes?). The dress has a nice 60s vibe going and is quite forgiving of say, overly large meals and a lack of exercise. Also: pocketses. Pocketses are the best.

I made a straight size 6 and it fit pretty well – the only things I changed were to take a small dark on the back neckline and a extra tiny dart at the bust to tighten things up. As other people have noted (which I realised afterward) the armholes on this dress are drafted too large so you get a bit of bra showing at the sides. Next time I will fix that up before I cut out – the way the princess seam at the back is drafted means you can’t retrofit a fix for it without your seam showing. The other thing I would change is to somehow make the pockets one big kangaroo pocket instead of being separate – they have a tendency to flap about and sit funny and I think it would be neater to have the whole thing joined up (I tacked mine together at the centre as a quick fix). Other than that – this dress is super cute and really quite easy, especially if you machine stitch the binding (instead of painstakingly by hand like this idiot).

Floral Chloe – Apr 2014

Outfit details:

  • Dress: Victory Pattern’s Chloe in size 6 (very small mods)
  • Fabric: 1m of floral linen from The Fabric Store, 1m of cotton/viscose from The Fabric Storefran, grey linen scraps from deep dark stash
  • Glasses by Frankie Dean
  • Frye Veronica Boots from Amazon (the best thing about cooler weather is I get to stomp around in these again, they are THE BEST)
  • Deck: has needed a damn good clean for 2 years now. Living amongst the gum trees has some disadvantages
A floral Chloe

14 thoughts on “A floral Chloe

  1. Simona says:

    😍😍so nice! Been toying with the idea of getting this pattern for a while. Bun now seeing your version. It will make its way to my stash in no time. So cute! You look lovely in it. 😄

  2. Oh so nice! I’ve had this pattern for quite awhile now and have yet to sew one up — your version is definitely inspiring me to move it to the top of the queue. Really lovely dress — well done!

  3. I love your Chloe! I just bought this pattern and hope to make it sometime before the summer. Indeed it has a groovy 60s vibe but it is a great silhouette. I love that you paired it with those boots. Great job.

  4. Hi there! First of all, lovely dress – I love the fabric choice. So springy!

    And second, I love reading your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster award! I posted the questions on my blog today – I’d love to read your answers 🙂

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