Doh! A Deer!

A hipster deer?

Deer Vogue 1247

A little while back I was feeling very uninspired and blah about everything. I was spending a whole lot of time on Pinterest and not actually creating anything for myself, and I was feeling terrible. There was lots of moping about and a hellava lot of indecision, made worse by reaching Sunday night again and feeling like I did nothing but work and work and work. But then I read this post by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille. She put into words everything I hadn’t worked out for myself, and the comments… well… there was one that just made me cry (way to get strange looks from your husband I can tell you). Lauren said: “This post was like having someone turn on the lights for you, when you hadn’t even noticed it was getting dark out.”

Yes: that.

Something had to be done. I still didn’t really feel that I could make a choice, but I could at least decide I could ask The Mister to pick something for me to make. I pulled together 2 or 3 options, things I’d made before so they weren’t too taxing, and got him to choose. Not really surprisingly, he picked this super cute polka-dotted, glasses-on-deer Echino print and the skirt from Vogue 1247.

All up, this took me 2 hours from cutting out to finishing – I was up past midnight but it was worth it. The skirt is a simple design but it is really lovely (albeit short) and it comes together really easily. The kangaroo pockets add an extra something, and if you don’t bother with the binding on the seams it is a very quick make.

Deer Vogue 1247

I put a huge amount of effort into matching the front up (look at those deer on the pockets!) and making sure the deer placement was even – but I overestimated my yardage when it came to the back and I had to squeeze it out any old how. I figure I don’t have to look at that side so I’m not too worried. The ‘grellow’ colour just makes me happy (it does look terrible on my skin tone so it will have to be worn with stockings – but it will need to be worn with stockings anyway given the length), and the little glasses-wearing deer? Swoon.

I have this fabric in the black colourway as well so expect to see more hipster deer in my future!

Outfit details:

  • Skirt: Vogue 1247 (skirt) in size 10 (no mods)
  • Fabric: 1m of Echino ‘Deer in Glasses’ in Chartreuse from Bolt of Cloth (linen/cotton and SO nice to sew)
  • Tee: Espirit (which reminds me – make black tees)
  • Shoes: Camper from Endless (which is now Amazon)
  • Antler necklace: from Wunderkammer in Melbourne

Let me leave you with this:

I’m not the only one who has this deer link indelibly embedded in my brain right?


Doh! A Deer!

6 thoughts on “Doh! A Deer!

  1. Ha, I love that Simpsons scene! Your skirt is great, love the shape and those hipster deer! And I’m glad it helped you to get back at the machine and sewing again. Thanks for sharing your experience and your method of getting back into the groove. I’ve been feeling a bit fed-up and frustrated with my sewing lately – I think I have too many projects queued up in my head; maybe I need to just take a step back once in a while to re-focus. I can’t wait to see what you do with your other deer print! 🙂

  2. Love this fabric and the skirt as a whole! I have this pattern traced and really need to get on with it! I hope this super successful make has got you feeling a little perkier

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