What’s that? More pencil skirts

(Oh, and if anyone is finding that images aren’t showing up on my posts could you let me know? They are only showing up for me 50% of the time at the moment for no apparent reason.)

I feel like a bit of a broken record here, but having stitches in my neck (nothing serious) mean I have been not able to do much sewing over the last week or so (recipe for insanity that – couldn’t even knit!).

Which means, unfortunately for you – more pencil skirts. So. Many. Pencil. Skirts.

Flippy Skirt - Feb 2014

Though I lie – the first, while based on my trusty Burdastyle Jenny, is in fact a super cute Mui Mui copycat based on this fantastic tutorial on Frau Fleur. If you have a pencil skirt pattern that you’ve already worked out the kinks to (or a skirt block) then this is a super easy make – especially when you have By Hand London’s handy circle skirt app to do all the maths for you.

This is made in some mysterious composition suiting that I got last year in Sydney – I feel like it must have at least some wool because I don’t usually buy poly, but who knows? It is spongey and frays like crazy, presses well, but is almost impossible to photograph. The closeup below attempts to show the colour – it is actually black and white, but is looking quite brown in the photos.

Flippy Skirt - Feb 2014

There’s not much I can actually say about this make – the hardest part is the endless hemming. I was going to do this one all fancy-like with bias binding, and had it all on and perfect before I worked out that I had sewn it on the wrong damn side. I was not going to unpick it all so off it was chopped. I actually like the length (thank goodness), though, as with any flippy skirt, the risk of wardrobe malfunction is always there. I’m planning another one of these in something more sculptural – wool perhaps.

Polka Dot Jenny Skirt

And on to pencil skirt no. 5239239545435: again, photographing weirdly brownish.

I broke my own rules with this – I rarely sew with quilting cotton for reasons covered ad nauseam all over blogdom. (This is not to say I have a blanket rule at all, but it has to be for very specific items. I could show you some terrible and never worn items that were my lessons.) This is very lovely fabric, an organic cotton by Monaluna, in an uneven spotty pattern that I fell head over heels for. Why is it so hard to find irregular spotty fabric? Why???? But, this fabric has a very tight weave. A tight weave that means, despite using the same pattern I have used 50 million times, that this skirt is too small. Barely zip up small. Can’t breathe small. ‘How much exercise can I feasibly do’ small.

Such a pity. I spent ages and ages on this to make sure everything was impeccable. Interfacing in all the right places. Handstitched inner waistband and hemline. Lined in lovely silk cotton. The best work I was capable of doing. I can’t quite cope right now with the idea of having to undo so much of it to fix it, so it sits, abandoned, in my wardrobe.

Polka Dot Jenny Skirt

Never heard a tale of more woe?

The lesson, of course, is to have less of the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude and perhaps try it on a little more carefully before you put the zip in. Oh well. One day…

Outfit details:

Flippy skirt

  • Based on Burdastyle Jenny pencil skirt, in size 36. Cut off just at the top of the leg, plus circle skirt to fit the bottom
  • Fabric: mystery suiting from The Remnant Warehouse in Sydney (I could tell a good story here about how a trip to this place meant buying an extra suitcase and $110 of luggage fees, but it still makes me weep a little)
  • Top: French Connection (is NOTHING cut on grain any more?)
  • Shoes: Seychelles from Anthropologie

Spotty skirt

  • Burdastyle Jenny pencil skirt, in size 36 (modified waistband)
  • Fabric: Organic ‘Polka Ott Black’ by Monaluna from SewFineFabric on Etsy
  • Lining: silk cotton blend (Donna Karan) from The Fabric Store
  • Shoes: Seychelles from Anthropologie
  • Fabulous Captain Wentworth (the BEST Austen hero) quote tee-shirt from Brookish on Etsy
What’s that? More pencil skirts

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