Time machine: my first Belladone

If all was going to plan, I’d be posting about a bunch of pencil skirts right now. But life likes to throw you some curve balls sometimes, and I’ve had only 10 minutes of actual sewing time in the last few weeks (the horror!), let alone any photoshoot time. So in the meantime let’s hop in the way back machine and have a look at my first Belladone.

Ikat Belladone

I feel like I raved enough about how much I like this pattern last time, so let’s take a small moment to rave about this fabric instead: ‘mmmmmmm, Japanese cotton ikat’. I paid a stupid amount of shipping to get this fabric (and one other piece) from B&J Fabrics in New York because: overtired fabric addict with ipad at midnight, but it is (almost) worth it. A beautifully soft and texture-y cotton that apparently the camera has trouble focussing on.

Ikat Belladone

Of course, in a fit of idiocy, I decided that it was entirely possible to line the whole thing, bodice included. This went about as well as could be expected, by which I mean I unpicked various parts over and over again and made some weird fabric origami. Don’t ask me how I got it to work in the end because I couldn’t actually tell you – the only thing I remember about that dark, dark time is that to make it work I ended up hand sewing the unattached shoulder sections of the bottom back into the rest of the shoulder under the lining. It’s not pretty, but it worked. Maybe at some point I will fiddle around with some cheap fabric and see if it is actually possible to line it all, but not for a looooong, looooooong time (because of course my brain still tells me there must be a way).

Dodgy nighttime photos of dodgy lining
Dodgy nighttime photos of dodgy lining

I had to make another very dodgy adjustment as well – given I have terrible posture I had to take a dart out of the back bodice to stop it gaping – thankfully I could hide it under the top back pieces and just hand sew it down. Perhaps the third time I make it will be the time I get it right first go!

There will be a next time for sure – I think this pattern is really cute and it could be really nice in wool for winter. Or, perhaps I’ll embrace my nerdy self and make a Tardis dress (I have the fabric and everything). The world needs more nerdy dresses.

Ikat Belladone

Outfit details:

Time machine: my first Belladone

8 thoughts on “Time machine: my first Belladone

  1. It is beautiful! I dislike lining dresses so I always try to avoid it. I might have to give it a go should I make this one, which I think I will. Great job!

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