What? More hot pink?

Hot Pink Chardon – Jan 2014

Told you I was addicted!

I’m going to blame Pinterest for this (I blame Pinterest for everything really) – I had visions of this wintery all-black except for a hot pink skirt outfit and of course it had to happen NOW. Never mind that it wouldn’t be winter for months and months and months. I had spotted the perfect hot pink fabric a few days earlier and let it go (such a doofus)… well lets just say another trip out to The Fabric Store was in order (sorry not sorry husband).

The skirt is a Deer and Doe Chardon, size 38 (honestly, I really should be doing a size 40 but I am in denial) in a hot pink linen that looks like a hot pink crumpled mess if you just look at it sideways. Put it this way, I won’t be sewing with linen for a long, long time this drove me so nuts. As I intended it to be a winter skirt, I decided to line it and instead of being sensible and just making a simple A line lining I just did a mirror of the skirt pattern, treating them as one at the waistband and around the zip. It turned out pretty ugly indeed (hence, no pics) because this linen likes to grow while the lining liked to shrink, but it will do the job. Who looks at the insides anyway?

Hot Pink Chardon – Jan 2014

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I love anything done by Deer and Doe patterns and this skirt is no exception. This is the fourth one I’ve made and it comes together beautifully (when you don’t try and muck about with stupid linen) and is flattering and cute. Also: pockets. I love pocketses (just imagine I am saying this like Gollum, because I totally am).

So: bring on winter!

Outfit details:

And, as this is my blog and I’ll post pics of my dogs if I want to…

Hot Pink Chardon – Jan 2014

At least it isn’t dog butt. I’ve just deleted 500 photos with intruding dog butt.

What? More hot pink?

7 thoughts on “What? More hot pink?

      1. I just looked up the Dear and Doe patterns online. All of them look pretty fun and like things I’d enjoy making and wear. At least a couple of them are now on my Things-I-Want-to-Buy list.

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