A whole bunch of Plantains

See what I did there?

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

Who would’ve thought anything could replace the much-beloved Renfrew in my affections? But Deer and Doe’s new (free) Plantain tee is just lovely. How lovely? Well, over the last week I’ve made four of them, and I’m tempted to make more.

There’s a lot to like about this pattern. Not to mention it’s an easy make, and the elbow patches are completely adorable. The scoop neckline is very flattering (and not too high for once) and the looser fit below the bust helps those of us who still haven’t quite undone the effects of excessive Christmas eating. The instructions looked comprehensive though I didn’t use them, and there weren’t too many pages in the pdf to stick together (thank goodness). And being a tee, you don’t need too much fabric – with a wide width you can get this out of a metre, depending on which sleeves you use. Considering that it was free, Eléonore has put a lot of work into this and it is of exactly the same quality as the other patterns in the line.

Without further ado, here’s my four versions…

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

Version 1: Short sleeve in cotton/lycra knit

With bonus pup, of course. As a toile, I made up my first Plantain in a stormy grey cotton/lycra knit from I-don’t-remember-where (a sure sign that my stash is out of control). This is a straight 38, because I like my tees to fit pretty snug and I’m happy with the fit (I do note in the photos that I’m getting some wrinkles that suggest I need a little more bust room, but I’m going to put that down to the excessive Christmas eating I mentioned before). It’s pretty hard to wax lyrical about a plain coloured tee shirt but this is a wardrobe basic in one of my favourite colours that I’ll wear over and over.

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

Version 2: Three-quarter sleeve in merino knit

For my second, I used a lovely deep-navy slinky merino, which unfortunately hasn’t photographed well (rainy day equals indoor super grainy not-colour-accurate images I’m afraid). I added in the elbow patches in a grey marle merino, edging them in blanket stitch and I’m really happy with the result. This is my absolute favourite of the four and I can’t wait for actual cool weather so I can wear it everywhere.

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

Version 3: Long sleeves with embroidered details

For my third, I wanted to play around with the elbow patches and try something new. After seeing a few inspiring things on Pinterest I wanted to give embroidery a go (and I’m guessing that calling this embroidery probably is horrifying to anyone who is actually talented in the art form but you gotta start somewhere) and so I decided to attach the patches using a little star-style stitch. Along with the hot pink it is all a little bit cutesy but I still like it. You’d certainly see me coming a mile off in this thing.

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

Version 4: Long sleeves with leather details

This version is in another lovely merino from The Fabric Store. As I already have a long sleeved grey tee in a very similar fabric (though honestly, who can have too many of those?), I added in some leather details and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any trouble with my sewing machine sewing leather – just used a leather needle and went sloooooow. I’m itching to sew something completely in leather now. Just bring on winter so I can wear it.

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

There you have it – a whole bunch of Plantains. A tee shirt pattern mightn’t be the most exciting topic ever but it is something you will use over and over again, and I call that a win.

Outfit details:

Bonus puppy-getting-in-the-way!

Plantain tee – Jan 2014

A whole bunch of Plantains

10 thoughts on “A whole bunch of Plantains

  1. All of your plantains look awesome! I love that last one with the leather detail at the shoulders! I’ve sewn one plantain, and am about to sew one more with some scraps of leather for my elbow patches!

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