A summer uniform

Deer & Doe Datura and Moss mini

Excuse the lack of face in these photos – they were taken on New Years Day, and I was feeling very blah after all the hard partying I did on New Years (by which I mean I watching a movie at home with the Mister).

Grainline Moss Mini

I love this skirt – Grainline’s Moss Mini. This is the 5th version I’ve made (I think) and I wear them all the time. It is just the sort of pattern I want to see – one for an item that I will buy from the shops. This version is made from great denimy-texture linen remnant I had left over when I made a Deer & Doe Chardon skirt (you really can squeeze a Moss out of a small amount of fabric – less than a metre, because of all the small pieces). The pockets and waistband facing are also linen, scraps I had left over from a dress I made last year. The only problem I have with it – and I don’t know if anyone else finds this – but everything I’ve made from linen lately has just grown and ended up way too big. I cut the exact same size as my other versions which fit fine, but this one is just hangs off me. Shrinking it up in hot water helps for about 5 minutes but after that… Super annoying.

Deer & Doe Datura blouse

The Datura blouse is a nice simple little make, a cute little loose-fitting top that has the advantage (when dealing with summer temps) of hanging off the shoulders and not touching any skin as much as possible. Of course, this comfort means that The Mister isn’t as complimentary (tough) but I’m pretty happy with it (it certainly doesn’t have the ‘is she pregnant’ vibe that a lot of looser-cut clothing can have).The 2-section design also meant I got to use a small piece of Kokka double gauze I didn’t know what to do with (it isn’t a colour I’d normally wear – there was a version with a black background but I got this one after a missing parcel and fabric-selling-out-in-the-meantime incident), and it did give the opportunity to use some super cute deer head buttons I’ve had forever. I feel like this would work best in a bit more drapey fabric, but the double-gauze might soften up with a bit of washing. I will make more of these – there are some fun combos you could do with the sections.

There you have it – my summer uniform! Not the most exciting outfit ever, but something I’ll get a lot of wear out of.

The details:

Skirt: Grainline Moss Mini in size 6 or 4 (can’t remember), only change was to add back pockets
Linen from The Fabric Store (both types), Made by Unicorns label from Sublime Stitching, Button from M. Recht Accessories

Top: Deer & Doe Datura in size 38, no changes
Black batiste from Darn Cheap Fabrics, Kokka Double Gauze from Patchwork on Central Park, buttons by Made by White (don’t think they make buttons any more though)

A summer uniform

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