Fence sitter

Mirage Maxi

I really am on the fence about this make. I’ve tried to get the maxi dress bandwagon before, prompting laughter from my family, so it’s taken me a year to get up the courage to try it again. I have visions of sweeping elegantly along, looking very tall and willowy in flowy fabric, but instead this dress feels like it is drowning me. Booooo.

Mirage Maxi

Such a pity, because I absolutely love this ikat jersey and the colours, and the pattern I used (the Mirage dress from Aime Comme Marie) is really nicely done, but I just don’t feel like this is me. Stumpiness: thy name is maxi-dress.

Mirage Maxi

The belt helps, maybe?

I should give a little bit of info on the pattern – now this is a French pattern, and I don’t know any French (apart from ‘cheese’, ‘table’ and ‘beef’, which don’t seem to occur in sewing patterns for whatever reason) – but the instructions are illustrated and you can muddle through quite well just with that. Don’t take my discomfort with this dress as any disparagement of the pattern at all, and I will try it again in the short length for sure.

So, what to do? Am I just being crazy and it looks fine, or should I cut it apart and try and make something else? Decisions, decisions.

Ella says no
Ella says no

Ella doesn’t think much of it either. Though, possibly, she doesn’t like cameras in her face.

The details:

  • Ikat jersey from Ixat
  • Pattern: Mirage, size M, from Aime Comme Marie (Google translate is your friend)
Fence sitter

2 thoughts on “Fence sitter

  1. Very pretty dress! It looks nice and flowy to me and the belt is a nice touch, but I know what you are feeling concerning maxi dresses. I really like them, but all the ones I have had weren’t quite ‘me’. Must be a style that doesn’t work well for my body type, but then again, I may be the only one who sees them as such on myself. Perhaps you will have more love for the shorter length. 🙂

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