Way back machine: Anise Jacket

Seeing as how it is supposed to be 41 degrees C in Brisbane today (that’s nearly 106 degrees F according to my friend Google), I thought it might be a good time to get in my time machine for a little wintery-jacket action (I will be jealous of Northern Hemisphere winter right about ’til we hit winter here, at which time I will do a complete about face and wax lyrical about glorious, glorious summer.)

Without further ado, here is a little something I whipped up last year (I kid! I kid! – there were many, many hours involved) – the Colette Patterns Anise Jacket. I actually finished this in May 2013, but a trip to Melbourne where a jacket is actually justified was where I got photos (slightly blurry ones I’m afraid – but still).

Anise Jacket

This is me in Melbourne, pretending to be cool. N.B. I am not cool.

All up this took me about 3 weeks, off and on, which isn’t too bad considering the bound buttonholes and plaid matching and my insistence on modifying things without thinking it through properly. Moving the pockets did work out well in the end in terms of usefulness (not quite sure how you could stuff your hands in the pockets as they are drafted – and my poor little cold hands always, always need to be stuffed in pockets) but did mean a bit of stuffing about when I accidentally sewed the buttons right through them and realised the lining was showing through the backs of the bound buttonholes.

Anise Jacket

I’m pretty happy with my plaid-matching (look at those princess seams on the back!), even though I mucked up the sleeves (meh, next time), and the jacket is actually very warm – enough for me to comfortably survive Melbourne temps which is saying something for someone used to a sub-tropical ‘winter’ in Brisbane.

All in all I’m pretty proud of this one (maybe I shouldn’t use it as an early blog post, because it’s all downhill from here, peeps) but I am finding that this jacket risks feeling a bit too twee for my current taste in clothing, so it is going to be worn with stompy boots and excessive amounts of black for the foreseeable future (at least until I go through my next Zooey phase which, lets face it, is probably about a week away).

Anise Jacket

So, here’s the nitty-gritty:

  • Anise Jacket by Colette Patterns, size 4 (modified pockets but otherwise as per pattern).
  • Lovely plaid fluffy wool coating is from Britex Fabrics (2 yards used), lining is a (hot pink again!) sand-washed silk from this eBay shop.
  • Leather buttons from Scafs Fabrics (their website is terrible, but their physical wall of buttons is excellent)
  • Persuasion label from Scrapiana on Etsy.

This wasn’t a cheap make – materials ended up costing around AU$150 I would think (the wool was a birthday present) – but that is still significantly cheaper than the $400 Tommy Hilfiger jacket I was inspired by, so I call that a win. And it was worn through all of winter 2013. Hooray!

Outfit details:
Beanie: Otto and Spike
Glasses: Frankie Dean
Jacket: Anise
Top: Me-made Renfrew probably. No lie, I’ve made about 50,000 of them.
Skirt: Me-made Moss by Grainline (Denim from fabric.com)
Tights: Me-made Burda Magazine /2009 sometime (Merino from The Fabric Store)
Boots: Frye

(I should note that none of these are affiliate links or anything, I just like knowing where things came from on other blogs so am following the same format here)

Way back machine: Anise Jacket

4 thoughts on “Way back machine: Anise Jacket

  1. What are you talking about? You ARE cool. Sewing your own freakin jacket that doesn’t look the slightest bit hand-made. I have to say I felt the same about this pattern being a bit ‘twee’ but yup you’ve definitely ‘untwee’d it with the styling. Keep em coming!

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