Introductory post (or: Lisette shirtdress)

Hello! *Waves*

So, this is me, blogging (as promised, Sophie!). Introductory posts are always a little awkward I think, so I’ll just say: I’m Amy. I like making things and reading things and thinking about things. This blog will be about the making things part mostly, but you never know – I may digress occasionally. How about we start with a make from the deep and distant past (by which I mean November)? Seems as good a place as any…

Lisette Shirtdress

Let me introduce my Lisette Traveler shirtdress (Simplicity 2246), a mix of view C (most of it) and B (collar and sleeves). Size 10, made in a lovely cotton seersucker from my favourite fabric store (look Ma – no ironing!). This isn’t a hard make at all, and this fabric was very forgiving. No lie though, I hated this make when I first tried it on – fug central. Just absolutely beige-boring and felt like it drowned me. For once, I resisted the urge to just throw it in a corner and put it through a hot wash and dry (sorry environment) to shrink it up a bit and cut another 7 inches off the hem (added to the 5 I already cut off when I first cut it out) and it turned out great. I wear this to work at least once a week now (though I may have been a leeeetle overenthusiastic in my hem-hacking as it is just a wee bit too short for safety in the workplace) and my colleagues want to steal it, which is always a win in my books.

Let’s see some closeup details:
Lisette Shirtdress
(Obviously, when these were taken, I had purple-tipped hair, which I kinda miss.)

This is a pretty versatile pattern – shirtdresses are pretty easy to wear and don’t feel too dressy for my pretty casual workplace while still being pulled together enough to feel respectable. I have another 3 on the agenda for that very reason.

And, in the spirit of keeping it real – this is what a photoshoot at my place usually entails – furry intruders! By which I mean: dog butt. Seriously – why can’t they ever face the camera?
Lisette Shirtdress

Outfit details:
Lisette Traveler dress – Simplicity 2246, size 10
Made in cotton seersucker from The Fabric Store
Belt stolen from my Mum (sorry Ma!)
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Glasses: Frankie Dean

Introductory post (or: Lisette shirtdress)

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