A little neon never hurt anybody

Deer & Doe Belladone

For someone who detested pink as a child, I sure have embraced it in its brightest form lately. I have to confess being a hot pink addict – the more neon the better. I seriously have 2 coats, a shirt and 2 skirts in that colour in the works, plus a whole bunch of hot pink ribbon just waiting to be a garish addition to something. The combo of neutral and neon just floats my boat for whatever reason.

I have been plotting this little combo for a while now – the bound edges of the Deer & Doe Belladone just screamed out for a little neon action, and my summer holidays were a perfect time to make it happen. The main fabric is a seriously lovely and properly dark indigo-dyed linen from Miss Matatabi, which (as she kindly warned me) dyed everything blue – fingers and binding included. Hard to photograph in our lovely harsh sub-tropical sunlight too, but the top photo is pretty accurate as to colour.

The Belladone really is a lovely pattern and I want to make hundreds of them (nay, thousands) – but this version really gave me grief. From my last version I had worked out that I needed to make a ‘you have terrible posture’ adjustment (otherwise known as a round shoulder adjustment I think) and so went ahead and made those changes to the paper pattern at the cutting out stage. And of course, because: irony, that meant the bit that fit perfectly on the first version suddenly didn’t. At all. Unpicking the top crossover section was a massive PITA but I wasn’t going to give up on my neon baby. Half a season of Ergo Proxy later, I had a finished dress. Next time, I think I will leave finishing the neckline to last, just so I can get it to sit properly, to take into account my varying levels of slumpiness.

Deer & Doe Belladone

There is a reason Deer & Doe is one of my top 3 favourite pattern designers – this dress is a perfect canvas for experimentation (hem facings! pocket bindings!), and the back detail gives it that little special something. I made a straight 38 and apart from my dodgy adjustments it fits perfectly. The only issue I have with this dress is I’m afraid when I wash it that the lovely neon binding will get indigo-dyed as well, but time will tell.

Outfit details:
Deer & Doe Belladone dress, size 38
Made in indigo linen from Miss Matatabi
Neon binding from Purl Soho

A little neon never hurt anybody

10 thoughts on “A little neon never hurt anybody

  1. The Belladone is definitely on my wish list. That back is really great. I like the pop of colour you added. If you use a colour catcher when you wash the dress I’m pretty sure the pink will stay pink. I always use them when I’m prewashing fabric and I throw all kinds of different colours in together, works like a charm.

      1. They’re little sheets that you add in with the laundry, I think there are several brands available nowadays. Usually you can find them near the laundry detergents.

  2. Faby says:

    You did great job, I recently bought the pattern!! I’m excited about it!! Do you know if size 38 is like a size 4? Thanks

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